Prof. Manuel Soler and his Aircraft Operations Lab UC3M have been awarded and started two new European projects.

One of the two selected projects is E-CONTRAIL, an exploratory research project coordinated by Prof. Manuel Soler, a member of our investment group, which addresses the ‘Aviation green deal’ priority.

E-CONTRAIL will develop artificial neural networks for predicting the climate impact of contrails and aviation-induced cloudiness, thus contributing to a better understanding of the non-CO2 impact of aviation on global warming and reducing associated uncertainties as essential steps towards green aviation.

KAIROS is the second project involving the UC3M Aircraft Operations Lab. It is part of the Fast Track Innovation and Uptake to meet the main objective of ‘Capacity-on-demand and dynamic airspace’.

The KAIROS project will improve the quality of weather information provided to the aviation community through the use of artificial intelligence. By producing accurate digital weather forecasts with longer lead times, aviation stakeholders will be better positioned to mitigate the impact of weather conditions on their operations.

All information here–> E-CONTRAIL & KAIROS