Labs of Aerospace Technology

Aerodynamics Lab

  • Subsonic wind tunnel: 0.4×0.4m2, Vmax=20m/s, turb.intensity ‹1%
  • Hydrodynamic Tunnel: 0.55×0.5m2, Vmax=2m/s, turb.intensity ‹1%
  • Aeroacoustic Anechoic chamber (in progress)

Chemical Propulsion Lab

  • Hybrid Rocket [thesis]
  • Bench testing for compressors, turbines and nozzles. Gas Turbine (131mm diameter, max thrust 230N)
  • Engine bench testing and small turbojet equipped with diagnostic instruments (thrust 20kg). The room of the bench is acoustically isolated, fire-proof room, and has a gas detection system for combustion experiments.

Navigation and Flight Mechanics Lab

  • EyasSat Rev C+ nano satellite trainer
    Hexapod (Steward platform): 6DoF platform
  • Cockpit Instrumentation System Demonstrator
  • Open System Mission Computer – Flight simulator with integrated avionics
  • Aircraft system integration bench (courtesy of EADS)
  • 1 giróscopo
  • 6 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • 10 computers


  • Total surface: 20 m x 19 m
  • Exposition area: A320 Horizontal stabilizer (700 kg, 12.5m 4.5 m). Courtesy of Airbus Operations.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight testing area.
  • Flight testing setup for Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) Systems. It includes a remote mechanical control system compatible with 2 leading-edge inflatable and 1 rigid-frame power kites equipped with onboard instruments (inertial navigation unit, multi-hole pitot tube, load cells at each tether, etc) for data acquisition during the flight

Additive Layer Manufacturing for Aeronautics Lab (ALMA lab)

    • Filament Deposition Modeling (FDM)
    • Raise 3D Pro2+
    • Raise 3D Pro2
    • 3 x Creality 3D Ender 3
    • Ultimaker 2 Extended+
    • Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA)
    • Formlabs Form3
    • Binder Jetting
    • Zcorp-Zprinter 450


      Computer cluster

  • 1 Computation cluster (280 cores, 1TB of total RAM)
  • 2 Workstation Ladon Broadwell (22 cores, 256 GB of RAM)
  • 1 Supermicro Twin 1U (20 cores, 512 GB of RAM)
  • 8 Workstation (300 cores in total, 256GB of RAM each)