Two of our doctoral alumni have been honored with the Outstanding Thesis Awards for the 2022-2023 academic year. The academic community of the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid recognizes the merit and uniqueness of the doctoral theses developed at its institution by awarding the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize.

This recognition takes into account the quality of doctoral research based on scientific and technological contributions. Considering the productivity of each doctoral programme, the call for submissions is annual or bi-annual. Eligible candidates comprise doctors who graduated in the last academic year with honors (mención cum laude).

Our sincere congratulations to Dr Rodrigo Castellanos, a former fluid mechanics PhD student, with a thesis titled «Convective Heat Transfer Control in Turbulent Boundary Layers» and Dr Eduardo Andrés Endériz, an aerospace doctoral student, with a thesis titled «Aircraft Trajectory Planning Considering Ensemble Forecasting of Thunderstorms».

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