The UC3M Fair is a scientific dissemination fair to learn about some of the R&D&I work being carried out at the University in different scientific and technological disciplines, such as communication, history, aerospace engineering, telematic engineering, and mathematics, in a fun way.

On March 24th from 15:30 to 20:00 Stefano Discetti, Luca Franceschelli, Patricia García Caspueñas, Andrea Ianiro, and Qihong Lorena Li Hu members and students from our UC3M Aerospace Engineering Group will be involved in experiments, and activities for all audiences, they will tell us about their research and help us to understand fluid dynamics.

The activity presented is entitled: Unlocking the secrets of fluid dynamics

Where: Hall 5 of IFEMA

Can you imagine being able to see in detail the movement of the air coming out of an aircraft engine? Turbulent flow visualization is a technique often used in aerodynamics to study this kind of thing. And that is something you will be able to see with us at our stand, where we will be observing the flow of particles out of a nozzle (similar to those fitted to airplane engines). This outreach activity is part of NEXTFLOW (Next-generation Flow diagnostics for control), an ERC project (949085) funded by the European Commission, and the ARTURO project (Active Turbulence Control for Sustainable Aeronautical Propulsion), funded by the State Research Agency (AEI) – PID2019-109717RB-I00/AEI/10.13039/501100011033.

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