Our thanks to Dr. Andoni Moral for organizing the visit on Wednesday 14th June to INTA (Torrejón) of our MISE Space Pre-Design students and several of our Aerospace PhD candidates.

We had a great day, see the pictures below, visiting the “Centro Espacial INTA Torrejón (CEIT)”, the satellite environmental and mechanical testing facilities, and the satellite assembly and integration clean-room where we were able to take a look at the three flight-ready ANSER CubeSats developed by INTA.

Thanks also for their time, detailed explanations, feedback, and willingness to answer all our questions to INTA staff: Ivan lora (CEIT), Juan M. Cuerda (PAZ mission’s SAR-team lead), Graciano Martínez (environmental testing facilities lead), Ángel Carretero (mechanical testing facilities lead), and Santiago Rodríguez (ANSER mission’s director).

In addition, we presented UC3M’s first student CubeSat ST3LLARsat1 “Boira” (https://aero.uc3m.es/the-countdown-to-the-launch-of-the-first-uc3m-student-CubeSat-has-started/) and the consolidation results performed by our 1st year MISE students during the Pre-Design course (https://www.uc3m.es/master/space-engineering#scpredesign ).

Figure 1 UC3M Master in Space Engineering (MISE) and aerospace PhD students’ visit to INTA-Torrejón.

The ST3LLARsat programme is supported by the aerospace department and the UC3M-SENER ST3LLAR aerospace chair. Currently, it is participated by 25 MISE students and led by Prof. Andrés Marcos (Beatriz Galindo Senior Distinguished Researcher) with support from Mrs. Alison Ponche (doctoral candidate at the department) and Dr. Andoni Moral (INTA).