It is a pleasure to announce, in time to celebrate the festive season, the awarding to five of our UC3M students of one of the “Grants for Young Researchers UC3M-SENER Aerospace Chair” in support of the work towards completion of their bachelor or master theses in 2024:

  • Irene Valles Sánchez, TFG thesis entitled: “Análisis de las plumas magnetizadas en propulsores de plasma sin electrodos.”
  • María Rodríguez Villar, TFM thesis entitled: «Instantaneous impact point estimation for autonomous flight termination system application
  • Carlos García García, TFM thesis entitled: “ST3LLAR-sat1 BOIRA: Thermal system design and verification.
  • Daniel Jiménez Sánchez, TFM thesis entitled: “ST3LLAR-sat1 BOIRA: Design and verification of the Electrical Power System.
  • Eugenio (Vládik) Cegarra Mauriz, TFM thesis entitled: “ST3LLAR-sat1 BOIRA: OBC software design and implementation.

These grants are a joint undertaking between the SENER Foundation and UC3M-SENER Aerospace chair ST3LLAR, and they are opened to all UC3M students who choose topics for their bachelor or master thesis in the 2023-2024 academic year related to the UC3M-SENER Aerospace Chair and supervised by one of its members.

The SENER Foundation ( was created in May 2002 by SENER Engineering Group and the Sendagorta family to promote initiatives and activities that contribute to the social service of the community and develop the socially responsible nature of professional activity.

The UC3M-SENER Aerospace chair ST3LLAR ( is a collaboration signed on March 2018 between the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and SENER Aeroespacial to support educational and research activities related to the development of aerospace technology for satellites and spacecraft.

The grant provides 2,500 euros per project, divided in two milestones. The first at the delivery of the TFG or TFM at the university, and the second after its defence (and provided that a grade equal to or greater than 8 out of 10 is obtained).

The awards committee was formed by Mrs. Rosana Madroñal (director of the Fundación SENER), Mrs. Mercedes Ruiz (head of systems, navigation and control at SENER Aeroespacial), and UC3M professors Javier Fernández Muñoz (Computer Science and Engineering dept.) and Andrés Marcos (Aerospace Engineering dept. and ST3LLAR’s director).

Our best congratulations to the grantees.

The awards committee