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The Aerospace Engineering Group teaches prevalently in the following degrees:

    AerospEngin :-(

    Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering

    AeronEngin :-(

    Master in Aeronautical Engineering

    AeronEngin :-(

    Master in Space Engineering

The group has also courses on edX platform:
The Conquest of Space: Space Exploration and Rocket Science"
The group teaches additionally in courses of the following Masters's degrees:

MASI :-(

Master in Aircraft Systems Integration

M2I :-(

Master in Industrial Mathematics

MasterFusion :-(

Master in Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion

Courses of the Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering:

Advanced Aerodynamics

Advanced Mechanics of Flight

Aerial navigation, air transport and airports



Aerospace Design I

Aerospace Design II

Aerospace Propulsion

Aerospace Propulsion: Complement I

Aerospace Propulsion: Complement II

Aerospace Vehicles: Complement I

Aerospace Vehicles: Complement II

Aircraft Systems

Aircraft Design


Introduction to Mechanics of Flight

Mechanics of Flight

Onboard Systems Design

Propulsion Systems

Rocket Motors

Stability and Integrity of Aerospace Structures

Turbomachinery Design

Courses of the Master in Aeronautical Engineering:

Advanced Aeroelasticity

Advanced Aircraft Design and Certification I

Advanced Aircraft Design and Certification II

Advanced Propulsion Systems

Aerospace Atonomous Systems

Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Project Management

Air Navigation Systems


Air Transport

Astrodynamics and Atmospheric Flight Dynamics

Combustion and Transport Phenomena

Computational Aerodynamics

Elements of Critical Software

Experimental Aerodynamics

Propulsion Systems Performance and Design

Space Systems Design


SCADE Academic Program Academic Partner of Esterel Technologies, a leading provider of critical systems and software development solutions for the Aerospace & Defense - DO-178C Qualified , Rail Transportation - EN 50128:2011 Certified, Nuclear & Energy - IEC 60880 Compliant, Industrial - IEC 61508 Certified and Automotive - ISO 26262 Certified domains. System and software engineers use ANSYS SCADE® solutions to graphically design, verify, and automatically generate critical systems and software applications with high dependability requirements.

The software is used in the classes of Onboard Systems Design and Elements of Critical Software