The Spanish State Research Agency has published the 2023 call for postdoctoral contracts at universities and public research organizations in Spain, within the following programs:

Ramon y Cajal

5-year duration, for senior doctors who earned the title between Jan 1st 2013 and Dec 31st 2021. It includes an additional grant of 50.000 eur (plus up to 70.000 eur for applicants from outside Spain). Call

Juan de la Cierva

2-year duration, for junior doctors who earned the title between Jan 1st, 2022, and Dec 31st, 2023. Call

The Department of Aerospace Engineering has opened a screening process to endorse outstanding candidates for the call. We invite applications in any of the research areas available here: Furthermore, we strongly encourage also applications in areas who can be potentially complementary to the lines outlined above.

Expression of interest including the CV of the applicant should be sent to before January 5th in both cases. Please note that this deadline is BEFORE the official deadline of both calls (January 11th 2024 for the Ramon y Cajal call, January 17th 2024 for the Juan de la Cierva call).

The information included in this announcement has only an informative purpose. For the legal conditions of the calls the potential applicants should refer to the official BOE.

The department aims to increase the share of women in academic positions, therefore applications from women are particularly encouraged.