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Job Opportunities

Junior Postdoctor/Assistant Professor open positions in Aerospace Engineering (aerial transportation and space systems)

UC3M invites applications to fill two Junior Postdoctoral or Assistant Professor positions in “Airports and Air Transport” and “Space Systems Design and Engineering”

Post-Doc open positions in artificial intelligence, GPU/Parallel optimization, and uncertainty propagation

UC3M invites applications to fill three Post-Doc positions in “Artificial Intelligence and data-driven algorithms”, “Parallel and GPU Optimization” and “Space Debris”.

PhD open positions in aviation climate change, parallel optimization y space GNC

UC3M invites applications to fill three PhD positions in “Aircraft Trajectory Optimization and Climate Change.”, “Parallel and GPU optimization applied to Air Traffic Management” and “Optimal Close-Operation Trajectories in Non-Conventional Dynamical Environments”.

Generally, highly qualified candidates for doctoral studies or postdoctoral research are encouraged to apply at any time. Please, check our research groups and contact the corresponding professor.


Due to preventive measures for COVID-19, the activities of the Department are postponed until further notice

Seminar Asteroids: threats or resources?

This seminar by Simone Centuori will take place on April 30. Register:

Seminar on Planetary Habitat in the Solar System

During March, experts in planetary sciences will discuss about the necessary conditions for life in the Solar System, and in particular on the Moon and Mars. Attendance at these seminars together with the presentation of a report allows the recognition of a Humanities ECTS. Register:

Talk on the history of Earth Observation missions

Thursday 12th March, in room 4.1.E06, Javier Atapuerca (Head of Mission Analysis and Studies Section at GMV) will talk about Earth Observation missions within the course The Conquest of Space.

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