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Tools and Facilities

Labs of Aerospace Technology

Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics Lab

Subsonic wind tunnel: 0.4x0.4m2, Vmax=20m/s, turb.intensity ‹1%
Hydrodynamic Tunnel: 0.55x0.5m2, Vmax=2m/s, turb.intensity ‹1%

LabPIV Watertunnel

Aerospace Design Lab

3D Printer (max. size 254x381x203 mm, resolution 0.1 mm)
Material removal machines

Sample3D 3Dprinter

Chemical Propulsion Lab

Hybrid Rocket [video, thesis]
Gas Turbine (131mm diameter, max thrust 230N)
Fire-proof room for combustion experiments

jetEngine Aeroreactor

Computer cluster

156 cores (26 Intel Xeon X5650 processors), 632GB of total RAM.
Cluster connected to two redundant RAID5 systems, with 10TB each

Electric Propulsion Lab

Plasma thruster testing facility (3 m long x 1.5 m diameter,
capacity of extraction of xenon or argon of up to 37,000 l/s)


Navigation and Flight Mechanics Lab

EyasSat Rev C+ nano satellite trainer
Hexapod (Steward platform): 6DoF platform.
Cockpit Instrumentation System Demonstrator
Open System Mission Computer - Flight simulator with integrated avionics

Satellite CockpitSim