DATABASE: Low Reynolds response to viscous vortical gusts.

The response of a NACA0012 airfoil impacted by viscous vortical gusts at low Reynolds numbers is investigated performing Direct Numerical Simulations of the two-dimensional incompressible flow. This database contains the time history of the aerodynamic force coefficients of the airfoil during the interaction with the vortical gust. The airfoil, set at a fixed angle of attack alpha, is impacted by Taylor/Lamb-Oseen vortical gust, which are characterized by a diameter D, a intensity v0m, and a vertical separation h. Direct Numerical Simulations are run for a range of values for the angle of attack, the size and intensity of the vortical gust, and the vertical separations. All simulations are run at a fixed Reynolds number Re=1000, based on the airfoil chord c and the free-stream velocity Uinf.

More details about this database can be found in: Martínez-Muriel & Flores (2020) Analysis of Vortical Gust Impact on Airfoils at low Reynolds number, J. Fluids Struct. 99, 103138

The database consist on a single ASCII file for each case. After a short, self-explanatory header, heach file has 7 columns with the following data:

time t Uinf/c
lift coefficient C_l
drag coefficient C_d
coefficient of moments with respect to c/4 C_m
perturbation of C_l with respect to steady state value Delta C_l
perturbation of C_d with respect to steady state value Delta C_d
perturbation of C_m with respect to steady state value Delta C_m

Reference time (t=0) is taken as the time at which the center of the vortical gust reaches the position of the leading edge of the airfoil (if advected at a velocity Uinf).

The names of the files will follow the acronym t_AaYyDdVv.txt, where the lowecase letters are placeholders for:

t: Type of vortical gust. T: Taylor, LO: Lamb-Oseen
a: Angle of attack alpha=[+8,0,-8] deg
y: Initial vertical position of the centre of the vortex h/c=[0,0.5,1]
d: Diameter of the core of the vortex D/c=[0.5,1,2]
v: Circumferential velocity v0m/Unif=[0.1,0.3,1]

IF YOU USE THIS DATABASE, PLEASE CITE US: Martínez-Muriel & Flores, J. Fluids Struct. 99, 103138 (2020).DOI: 10.1016/j.jfluidstructs.2020.103138

List of files

|—— LO_A0Y05D1V1.txt
|—— LO_A0Y0D1V1.txt
|—– LO_A0Y1D1V1.txt
|—— T_A0Y05X4D05V03.txt
|—— T_A0Y05X4D05V1.txt
|—— T_A0Y05X4D1V01.txt
|—— T_A0Y05X4D1V03.txt
|—— T_A0Y05X4D1V1.txt
|—— T_A0Y05X4D2V01.txt
|—— T_A0Y05X4D2V03.txt
|—— T_A0Y05X4D2V1.txt
|—— T_A0Y0X4D05V01.txt
|—— T_A0Y0X4D05V03.txt
|—— T_A0Y0X4D05V1.txt
|—— T_A0Y0X4D1V01.txt
|—— T_A0Y0X4D1V03.txt
|—— T_A0Y0X4D1V1.txt
|—— T_A0Y0X4D2V01.txt
|—— T_A0Y0X4D2V03.txt
|—— T_A0Y0X4D2V1.txt
|—— T_A0Y1X4D05V01.txt
|—— T_A0Y1X4D05V03.txt
|—— T_A0Y1X4D05V1.txt
|—— T_A0Y1X4D1V01.txt
|—— T_A0Y1X4D1V03.txt
|—— T_A0Y1X4D1V1.txt
|—— T_A0Y1X4D2V01.txt
|—— T_A0Y1X4D2V03.txt
|—— T_A0Y1X4D2V1.txt
|—— T_A-8Y05X4D05V01.txt
|—— T_A+8Y05X4D05V01.txt
|—— T_A-8Y05X4D05V03.txt
|—— T_A+8Y05X4D05V03.txt
|—— T_A-8Y05X4D05V1.txt
|—— T_A+8Y05X4D05V1.txt
|—— T_A-8Y05X4D1V01.txt
|—— T_A+8Y05X4D1V01.txt
|—— T_A-8Y05X4D1V03.txt
|—— T_A+8Y05X4D1V03.txt
|—— T_A-8Y05X4D1V1.txt
|—— T_A+8Y05X4D1V1.txt
|—— T_A-8Y05X4D2V01.txt
|—— T_A+8Y05X4D2V01.txt
|—— T_A-8Y05X4D2V03.txt
|—— T_A+8Y05X4D2V03.txt
|—— T_A-8Y05X4D2V1.txt
|—— T_A+8Y05X4D2V1.txt
|—— T_A-8Y0X4D05V01.txt
|—— T_A+8Y0X4D05V01.txt
|—— T_A-8Y0X4D05V03.txt
|—— T_A+8Y0X4D05V03.txt
|—— T_A-8Y0X4D05V1.txt
|—— T_A+8Y0X4D05V1.txt
|—— T_A-8Y0X4D1V01.txt
|—— T_A+8Y0X4D1V01.txt
|—— T_A-8Y0X4D1V03.txt
|—— T_A+8Y0X4D1V03.txt
|—— T_A-8Y0X4D1V1.txt
|—— T_A+8Y0X4D1V1.txt
|—— T_A-8Y0X4D2V01.txt
|—— T_A+8Y0X4D2V01.txt
|—— T_A-8Y0X4D2V03.txt
|—— T_A+8Y0X4D2V03.txt
|—— T_A-8Y0X4D2V1.txt
|—— T_A+8Y0X4D2V1.txt
|—— T_A-8Y1X4D05V01.txt
|—— T_A+8Y1X4D05V01.txt
|—— T_A-8Y1X4D05V03.txt
|—— T_A+8Y1X4D05V03.txt
|—— T_A-8Y1X4D05V1.txt
|—— T_A+8Y1X4D05V1.txt
|—— T_A-8Y1X4D1V01.txt
|—— T_A+8Y1X4D1V01.txt
|—— T_A-8Y1X4D1V03.txt
|—— T_A+8Y1X4D1V03.txt
|—— T_A-8Y1X4D1V1.txt
|—— T_A+8Y1X4D1V1.txt
|—— T_A-8Y1X4D2V01.txt
|—— T_A+8Y1X4D2V01.txt
|—— T_A-8Y1X4D2V03.txt
|—— T_A+8Y1X4D2V03.txt
|—— T_A-8Y1X4D2V1.txt
|—— T_A+8Y1X4D2V1.txt