Dr hab. Anna Bartkiewicz

Prof. Anna Bartkiewicz’s main field is cosmic maser emission using very long baseline interferometry. She studied the kinematics of the close environment of high-mass protostellar objects in our Galaxy using images of the methanol and water maser transitions at cm wavelength ranges. She is a member of international groups: BeSSeL with the goal to study the spiral structure and kinematics of the Milky Way and M2O – the maser monitoring organisation is a global community of astronomers, observers and theorists collaborating to better understand the nature of astrophysical masers, their flaring behaviour and their uses as tracers of astrophysical phenomena.

The course will be held from February 27 to March 02 and will be structured as follows:

Seminar 1 – 27 February, 11 CET @7.2.H01 Leganés Campus

Limits of sky observations. History of radio astronomy

Seminar 2 – 28 February, 11 CET @7.2.H01 Leganés Campus

Radio telescopes and networks

Seminar 3 – 01 March, 11 CET @7.2.H01 Leganés Campus

Recent images of radio-sky

Seminar 4 – 02 March, 11 CET @7.2.H01 Leganés Campus

Astrochemistry – molecules in space.