Research Positions

PhD Open Position

ASD Lab is pleased to offer a fully funded PhD position in partnership with Experimental Experimental Aerodynamics and Propulsion Lab to develop methodologies for hydrogen-powered regional aircraft design, optimisation and environmental impact assessment. Please have a look at the attached document for more information.

Bachelor and Master Science Theses

A comprehensive list of available theses for the UC3M stuidents is available in the intra-web SIGM@ application at Just look for theses offered by ASD Lab (select these supervised by Rauno Cavallaro and/or Andrea Cini)

Internships and Theses for Visiting Students

We are generally very keen to accept incoming visiting students that seek to perform their interniships and/or theses in our institution. Just contact us.

Two paid internship positions are available within Aernnova structural integrity substantiation team for MSc thesis development in ASD Lab:

  • Internship I: Design concept development and structural justification process of the different CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and metallic elements that make up the structure of the Horizontal Stabilizer of a modern commercial jetliner
  • Internship II: Design concept development and structural justification process of the different elements that make up the structure of a Cargo Door for a passenger to cargo aircraft conversion

During the process, the student will become familiar with:

– Design principles of metallic structures and different joint methods (bolted, etc.)

– Sources of load acting on the different components of a Cargo Door (aerodynamic, pressurization, ground gusts, etc.)

– Strength allowables and failure modes for the different types of materials

– Stress methods and tools for the substantiation of aeronautic structures:

–      Static Analysis

– Fatigue and Damage Tolerance

– Vibration and Dynamic Response

– FEM modelling from design detail level up to sub-component level using the latest state of the art tools (Hyperworks suite, ABAQUS, etc.)

– Manufacturing and assembly processes

– Functional principles of door latching and locking mechanisms

– Certification requirements on aerospace structures (SC25/FAR 25)

  • Internship starting date: January 2022

Duration: 6 moths

Application: Interested students are required to email Andrea Cini. Candidate should submit university mark record and a cover letter by email