Unconventional Aircraft Design and MDAO

In this line of research we study solutions for a more susteinable and greener aeronautics. Those concern new unconventional aircraft configuration and new methodologies for optimization. In terms of unconventional aircraft architectures, we focus on Joined Wings and Hybrid/Electric Airplanes. In order to properly exploit the potentials of such configurations, Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization (MDO) processes are employed.

Even for classic cantilever wing configurations, reducing time-to-market is a priority; we pursue it performing optimizations that retain, ab-initio certification and manufacturign constraints.

Details on selected research lines are given below.

  1. Hybrid-electric Aircraft
  2. Adjoint-based high-fidelity Aerostructural Optimization with Algorithmic Differentiation
  3. Gradient-based optimization with flutter constraint