Experimental Aerodynamics and Propulsion Lab

The research activities focus on both advancement/development of current/new flow diagnostics techniques, and on the experimental investigation of vortical features, heat transport and mixing in complex flows. The experimental activities are prevalently targeted to aerospace propulsion-related aspects such as swirling flows and turbomachinery cooling.

Stefano Discetti Andrea Ianiro Marco Raiola Carlos Sanmiguel
Stefano Discetti Andrea Ianiro Marco Raiola Carlos Sanmiguel Vila
Associate Prof. Associate Prof. Post-Doc Post-Doc
Rodrigo Castellanos Firoozeh Foroozan Alejandro Guemes
Rodrigo Castellanos Firoozeh Foroozan Alejandro Güemes
PhD candidate PhD candidate PhD candidate
Research lines

TBL :-( Wall-bounded turbulence
Turbulent boundary layers (TBLs) are of paramount importance given their ubiquitous presence in many relevant fluid-flow problems such as the flow over wings, land and sea vehicles, turbines, compressors, etc. The focus of our research is on the coherent structures organization, modeling and manipulation in canonical (pipe flows, ZPG TBLs) and non-canonical conditions

TBL :-( Bio-inspired aerodynamics
Several engineering problems have brilliant solutions which are readily availble in nature. We aim to identify bio-inspired solutions for thermo-fluid-dynamic problems.

TBL :-( Convective heat transfer
Convective heat transfer is relevant in countless industrial applications (turbomachinery, manufacturing, food processing, etc.). WE use optical methods and data-mining techniques to investigate the flow feataures which are more intensively active in convective heat transfer phenomena.

TBL :-( Advanced flow diagnostics

  • Data-mining techniques for turbulent flows
  • Time-resolved heat transfer measurements
  • Tomographic PIV


Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics Lab

Subsonic wind tunnel: 0.4x0.4m2, Vmax=20m/s, turb.intensity ‹1%
Hydrodynamic Tunnel: 0.55x0.5m2, Vmax=2m/s, turb.intensity ‹1%

LabPIV Watertunnel

Quick prototyping facilities

Tomographic PIV system

6 ANDOR sCMOS camaras, 2560x2160pix, 30fps
2 Q-switched Nd:Yag Evergreen lasers, 200mJ/pulse at 15Hz
Custom-made software for planar and volumetric PIV