With the start of the new year in the Master of Space Engineering (MISE), the student CubeSat program has begun at UC3M with the intention of designing, building and launching a 2U satellite (about 20x10x10 centimetres in size and 2.5Kg in weight) that we hope to send into orbit by 2025.

The program is structured through the second-year MISE course “Integral Project”, where the registered students take charge of the different satellite specialisms and lead teams of other MISE volunteer students. We have a total of 25 students for this first year of the program.

The satellite will be named ST3LLAR-sat1 “BOIRA” in recognition of the support by the UC3M-SENER ST3LLAR aerospace chair and the name of the student team that proposed the mission during the first-year MISE course “Predesign of space vehicles”.

The program is led by Prof. Andrés Marcos (Senior Distinguished Researcher Beatriz Galindo) from the aerospace engineering department at UC3M with support by Mrs. Alison Ponche (doctoral candidate of the department) and Dr. Andoni Moral (INTA).