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Job Opportunities

Assistant Professor level opening in the field of Aircraft Manufacturing

UC3M invites applications to fill one position at Assistant Professor level in the field of Aircraft Manufacturing.

Generally, highly qualified candidates for doctoral studies or postdoctoral research are encouraged to apply at any time. Please, check our research groups and contact the corresponding professor.


Aero Group Seminar: "Hypersonic flows and electromagnetic field"

Dr. Domenico Giordano will present a talk on "Hypersonic flows and electromagnetic field" on January 18th, 12pm, in room 7.1.H.01

Semana de la Ciencia

We participate in the week of science with the UC3M organizing various activities. On Monday, November 6, with the workshop "Propulsion by plasma: present and future of space exploration", on Tuesday 7 with the exhibitions "Meteorology in aviation: an intelligent, sustainable and integrated air transport system." and "Clean generation of energy with traction kites.", which is also open on Wednesday 8. Wednesday, November 8 with the round table "Your vacation in Trappist - 1", and with the workshop "Listening to the satellites". Finally on Friday, November 17, the workshop "Build and launch your own water rocket." More information available here.

1st ASTROdynamics optiMIzation competitioN at UC3M

In March, we launched the first competition on Astrodynamics and Optimization at UC3m. It is intended to pose a challenge in this field to engineering students in their Bachelor or Master degree. Competitors will count on available tools to develop their solution. In particular, the General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT) developed by NASA is used to produce the final mission profile. This year the topic of the competition is Asteroid Mining. In the last few years, exploitation of asteroid resources has raised the interest of entrepreneurs and states, in a search for new sources of raw materials. If you are interested you can register before 16th June by sending an email to You can find all the details of the problem description here. All the material is also available in this repository.

Seminar on Planetary Habitat in the Solar System

During March, experts in planetary sciences will discuss about the necessary conditions for life in the Solar System, and in particular on the Moon and Mars. Attendance at these seminars together with the presentation of a report allows the recognition of a Humanities ECTS. Register:

World Space Week at UC3m

Two talks about the space race and the European Space Agency commemorate the anniversary of the launch of Sputnik in 1957.

Manuel Soler awarded with the Premio Luis Azcárraga

The work "Multiphase Optimal Control Framework for Commercial Aircraft Four-Dimensional Flight-Planning Problems" by Alberto Olivares González, Manuel Soler Arnedo and Ernesto Staffetti, has been awarded with the Premio Luis Azcárraga.

UC3M inaugurates a new Aerospace Engineering research laboratory

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) has inaugurated a new Aerospace Engineering research laboratory which features two important scientific facilities: a hydrodynamic tunnel and a vacuum test chamber.

Satellite Telecommunications: past, present and future

José María Casas, former Deputy Director of the Telecommunications Department ESA will discuss the history of telecommunications in space and its possible future developments. After the conference, a panel of experts in the field will present to the students possible projects in the sector in which they may work after graduating. Participants: Angel Sanchez Alvaro (Thales Alenia Space Spain); Raquel Perez Leal (Dept. Signal Theory and Communications.); Borja Largacha Portillo (Airbus DS - Casa Espacio)

Space Mining: is it possible, is it legal, is it ethical to use the asteroid resources?

A few months ago, the US Congress passed a law allowing companies based in that country to commercially exploit the materials extracted from asteroids. A round table will address the technological, legal and ethical implications of mining on asteroids. Participants: Juan Manuel de Faramiñan Gilbert (Jean Monnet Chair University of Jaen.); Michael Küppers (European Space Astronomy Center - ESA); Jesus Martinez-Frias (Institute of Geosciences, IGEO (CSIC-UCM)); Jesus Pelaez Alvarez. (Polytechnic University of Madrid)