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Equipo de Propulsion Espacial y Plasmas (EP2)

About us

Welcome to the Space Propulsion and Plasmas research group website.

We are a research team dedicated to the study of the plasma physics of different types of electric space propulsion systems. Our team is distributed between Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and is part of the Aerospace Engineering Research group and the Bioengineering and Aerospace department of the latter.

Latest News

Latest award (17/04/2015):

The VECMAN 3D magnetic nozzle concept by Mario Merino, Eduardo Ahedo and Jaume Navarro from EP2 has received the ActúaUPM accesit prize. Actúa UPM is a prestegious competition for technology-based business ideas organized yearly by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. This year, 450 business ideas were presented. More information: PDF

Next meet-up:

EP2 is going to attend the upcoming IEPC at Kobe, Japan, July 4-10, where we will present our latest work in the following areas:

  • ‘Towards thrust vector control with a 3D steerable magnetic nozzle’.PDF
  • ‘Design and development of a 1kw-class helicon antenna thruster’.PDF
  • ‘Evaluation of Erosion Reduction Mechanisms in Hall Effect Thrusters’.PDF
  • ‘Benchmarks for Magnetically Aligned Meshes in Electromagnetic Plasma Thruster Simulations’.PDF
  • ‘Electric Propulsion Subsystem Optimization for an IBS Mission’.PDF
  • ‘On Electrons Cooling in Plasma Plumes Expansion’.PDF
  • ‘Analysis of Antenna-Plasma Impedance in Helicon Antenna Thrusters’.PDF
  • ‘Collisionless electron cooling on magnetized plasma expansions: advances on modelling’.PDF


Group director: Dr. Eduardo Ahedo, Professor
Tel. +34 91624 8234
Room 7.1.H11
Email: eduardo.ahedo@upm.es